About The Duchess

Hi! So you've come to this page to learn more about the writer of this blog. Thank you!
I live in Dublin and am into eating out, art, books and what's on in Dublin- particularly for free! Well who isn't?

I like to keep up with new restaurant openings and write book reviews for many of the major Irish publishers. I also love to walk the dog on the beach, call into our harbour local for a G and T, cook new recipes for friends and just generally have a good time.
So many people bad mouth Dublin and Ireland in general these days, 'rip-off Ireland', but I find loads to do for free every time I go in, see theatre of great quality for great seat prices and see new restaurants opening all over the city that are packed on a Friday and Saturday night.
I hope you like my blog and make sure you tell your friends about it.


  1. Hi there. Could you please e-mail me at catherine.ryanhoward@penguin.ie? It's about Sinead Moriarty. Thanks, C

  2. I lived in Ireland and I loved it. Thanks for your blog!