Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More Book Lists

It's the time of year when everyone interested in books is making 'best of the year' book lists. I posted one on Saturday from The Irish Times which was a particularly good list and much shared around on Facebook

This one is from Matt Cooper's Last Word on Today FM yesterday where Declan Burke and Nadine O'Regan joined him to discuss the best fiction, crime fiction, short stories and gift/picture books of 2012. Several are them were duplicates of those nominated by the Irish Times which I have not repeated here.
The full list can be seen here:

I'm always interested in 'disappointment' lists as well, because that's exactly how I often feel when reading prize winners or much hyped books when the less well known authors and independent presses are bringing out great work. I too was disappointed when The Song of Achilles won the Orange prize, when Ann Patchett's State of Wonder, Cynthia Ozick's Foreign Bodies and Georgina Harding's Painter of Silence were such great books and so much better.
Here is their list;
NW by Zadie Smith: Nadine: “Let down from a very talented writer.” Focuses on 30 characters growing up on estate in London. Smith’s talent shines through in pieces but not enough.#
Canada by Richard Ford: Declan’s described it as a ‘circus tent of a novel’. Two big events at either end and not a lot in between…
The Chemistry of Tears. By Peter Carey: Nadine: “Outrageously boring.” Skips between modern-day London and Germany in the 19th Century.
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn: One of the best reviewed crime novels of the year. Went the way of many good TV series – started well, became implausible mid-way through and then became completely crazy.
The Song of Achilles by Madeleine Miller: Poor telling of Achilles and his bid for immortality.

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