Sunday, December 9, 2012

As Noddy Holder says "It's Chrissss- massss!"

It's officially Christmas - I've started the shopping. I've bought the Christmas pyjammies in Penney's, the Christmas dresses, the Cd's, the calendars and the books. I've ordered the pressies to go abroad online from Marks n Sparks and Book Depository.

I know it's officially Christmas because we came home from shopping, had our tea early and settled down to watch the fave Christmas film- Elf. It's gotta be the best.

Yesterday I went to the butcher and ordered spiced beef which they spice themselves and a turkey crown. I'm feeling pretty smug as I work my way down the list; tick, tick, tick- even something for the hubbie. I'm sure I'll still have a few last minute bits to get but now I'm feeling pretty relaxed and can't wait for a lovely week at home watching movies and walking on the beach, eating cold meat sandwiches and drinking gin n tonics.

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